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Hi there. I bought Squires Kitchen Isomalt Nibs for the first time last week. I wanted something special to go on an ‘underwater’ themed cake I had been working on. I followed the instructions to the letter, pouring the melted Isomalt carefully into the moulds and the results were perfect once set. I attached them onto the sugarpaste covering and they looked amazing. However the next day when I checked the cake the Isomalt appeared to have melted and run, leaving just a sticky residue running down the sides of the cake. I rescued the cake and replaced the Isomalt decorations with sugarpaste instead so all is well there but my question is, what did I do wrong? Has anyone else had tis problem and if so how did you resolve it.

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Yvonne, Manchester


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Diane ...

IMO, probably one of two things. 1) The isomalt wasn’t heated to a high enough temperature, 2) high humidity/moisture in the air.

What kind of “glue” did you use to attach the isomalt pieces to the cake?

When possible, I try to make my isomalt pieces the day of delivery. Or, if I make them in advance, I’ll keep them in an airtight container with dessicant and add them to the cake at the last minute.