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Can anyone tell me where to find a supplier for boxes, cake boards, decorating supplies?

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I buy my boxes from I think they also have some cake boards but never really looked at them. I can usually get my boxes in 2 days and they have free shipping.
As for boards and supplies in usually buy them between and I like both theses stores because once again I can usually get my supplies in 2 days.

Mimi209 ...

I purchase all my cake boards, fondant etc from, I get my boxes from
Both sites have good prices and quick shipping.
I will have to check out and see what their prices are like. Free shipping would be fantastic.
If you google coupon codes for fondantsource you should be able to find a code to use for 10% off. I have been using the code, welcome, to get 10% off orders.

marika ...

For boxes, you can also try

They have a nice selection of instock Clear Boxes
Smaller favor cake boxes

Super friendly to deal with and they’re quick at shipping things out.