Selling all my wedding cake stuff and pans

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We are moving and I finally am ready to part with my wedding cake supplies, fondant and some character pans that I have accumulated over the years. While I do still bake for the families birthdays, I don’t have the time to make the wedding cakes and fondant cakes that I used too. Is it OK to post on here or is there a classified section I can post in? Thanks!!



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Rachel ...

Where are you located in?

missydan78 ...

Hi is it possible to find out how much you want to get rid of your items for and when and a more detailed listing of items please

Jennifer Kendrick ...

I’m in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Below is what I have so far. I will take best offers. We all know how much this stuff costs. Just tell me what you would be willing to pay including shipping. I have more stuff that I would be willing to part with, I just haven’t gotten to that cabinet in my kitchen yet ;)

On the 2 inch globe pillar sets, I have one set with uncut pillars but then the other 2 sets have cut pillars and are at about 4-5 inches. You could buy new uncut pillars to use with the globes.

The fondant stuff has barely been used. I took the class and realized that this was not my cup of tea. Inside that rolling pin box is also the mat.

Ball pan, Stand up Snowman, flag, snowman and easter egg

small half ball pan. pastry bag holder upper, the gun from some wilton decorating set I got for xmas. dancing bear pan, candy forms(no candy included, just the plastic forms)

missydan78 ...

hiya all those bits look great as i am in London england the exchange rate will have to be taken into consideration and i am not quite sure how much that is. i am willing to offer you £50.00 american dollars + postage please let me know if that is ok regards Danielle