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I was wondering which one of our members would you like us to interview? There are many amazing cake decorators and It’s tough to choose one. Please help!

Please check the Interviews we did already: http://cakesdecor.com/mbulla/blog/series/14

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Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Alyssa Hall from Cuteology Cakes, Shawna Mcgreevy (can’t remember if you did her yet?), Dusty Labby Cakes by Dusty, Corrie Cakes CorrieRasmussen, Brenda Walton-Sugar High.

clara ...

I thing the interview should be of someone just starting out with a new business
All the interview and contest are usally pros. Maybe the starters need a
Chance to have there voices heard. As well as give others just starting
Ideas and the cofidence to start making there dreams a reality.

Michal Bulla ...

Thank you for tips AnnMariesCakes and Preparedwithlove.

Clarita→ sounds good. Just give me a tip to talented newbie who is interesting enough to be interviewed.

Unusual cakes for you ...

how about Christine craig at
her work is absolutely amazing and self taught :)

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

I would agree with Preparedwithlove and would add Ciccio & StarryDelight. I find them both very helpful with their posts and have seen them share a lot on their FB sites as well. Lots of others but these come to mind right away. Elli & Goreti too would be a good as they are both so supportive in the community, like Ana whom you guys have already interviewed.

By the way, I love the interview series and find it helpful in many ways. Love this site too!