Home bakers, what do you do if you're sick???

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Luckily I didn’t have any orders this weekend, a stomach virus grabbed me by the $%&. I couldn’t have baked or decorated if I had wanted to. Until a few hours ago could barely get out of bed. My question…what do you do if you have orders?? I don’t know anyone that could jump in and help. I don’t think I’ve seen this addressed in the forum. Just curious if you’ve had this happen and what did you do Thanks


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Jenniffer White ...

I don’t think this is JUST a home baker issue. I have another baker in town that’s my “backup buddy”. We cover for each other on the off chance one of us is too sick to complete an order. In the 3 years we have had this arrangement we have never called for backup. It has to be someone you trust, and someone at or above your skill level.

Hope you’re feeling better!

Sherri Hodges ...

Thank you for your input, I’ve got to get busy meeting a couple of other decorators in my area! :)