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Hi all, my son has requested a Vans shoe cake for his birthday, I have seen one on Cakes Decor. Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial on this. I am stumped.. Thanks


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Jenniffer White ...

Shoes can be daunting, but the best advice I can give (if you have the shoe) is to put the shoe on a piece of paper and trace along the bottom to make a footprint pattern. Then find (or take) a photo of the profile of the shoe. Use a computer or a copying machine to blow these 2 images up to your proportions, making sure that your 2 images are the same length. Use these 2 images as your cutting guides for your shoe cake! Good luck!!

catchfab ...

Thanks for the help, let’s see how we go.

Mel_SugarandSpiceCakes ...

Hiya I just saw your post – check out

christ00 ...

You can check this video, hope this will help you.