How do you deal with family who orders novelty cakes from another person?

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I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences and if anyone can help me not take it to heart. I just really sad about it at the moment.

Cake decorating is a hobby of mine, it’s my canvas. It is never about the money. I attended my nephew’s 1st b’day party and I was excited that he finally turned 1. For months I thought they weren’t planning a novelty b’day cake, their aware I love cake decorating and I never dared to ask. The whole time I was at the party I had put a smile on for my nephew but deep down I was hurt that I was not asked to make his special first novelty cake.

I guess the obvious is they don’t like me haha

I’m sorry if I sound a little self absorbed but it’s just sad.

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JJMom ...

I wouldn’t take it to heart. Maybe they didn’t want to impose on you, or they have a favorite bakery. You could always ask, in a light manner, why they didn’t ask.
I’ve had that happen to me on numerous occasions, people would RAVE about my baked goods when they were given to them for fre, but as soon as they knew money may be involved, they order elsewhere.
Good luck, but again, I wouldn’t sweat it.

smitam ...

It is most likely that they didn’t dare to ask you to make the cake just as you didn’t dare to ask to make it :) Don’t take it personally….I am sure they think you are awesome! and in life probably best to not mingle personal and professional.

SSCreations ...

Thank you so much JJMom and smitam for taking the time to response and helping me feel better. Life lessons. =0)

Karen's Kakery ...

You could always drop a hint that if they need another cake some time you would be happy to make one for them. My family always expect me to make them cakes, and generally I’m happy to do that, but as JJMon said, if they thought I was going to charge them for it they would probably buy a supermarket cheap one.
If you make it clear that you would be making it for free I’m sure they would be more than happy for you to bake for them. Either way, as long as you realise there’s nothing wrong with you or your baking, that is all that matters xx

SSCreations ...

Thank you Karen Flude for your response, I really appreciate it! =0) I have lots to learn about baking!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Most people are not as involved in the cake world as we are – so they go about their business and don’t think twice about getting a cake from somebody else. I agree with you that since this was your nephew they should have asked you to make it, but since you also didn’t offer, maybe they thought they would have been putting you on the spot. There’s always next year – tell them YOU want to make a fabulous cake for your nephew and plan on it.

Samantha Pilling ...

Sometimes people don’t ask becuase they feel embarrassed to. They don’t want to ask too much of you or to expect that you will make their cake for them. I have some friends who ask and some who don’t. I’m sure they don’t mean anything by it. have a quiet word and say “I would love to make his cake next year, it would mean a lot to me”

SSCreations ...

Thank you so much funfetti, amyswtcks and BiteMeBakery for taking the time to response and showing me another perspective of things. I guess to really know if they want me to do the cake or not is to kindly offer. This one amazing community! I’m all smiles now =0)