I REALLY want to sell cakes, but do not know where to begin

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There is hardly anyone in my community who does cakes. And the ones that do are mostly the ugly old fashioned mass produced sort. Not creative or sophisticated at all. I am an artist and believe less is more for elegant cakes, however, I do not have a commercial kitchen and do not know where to start. However, I could rent out a space in our downtown area from another baker. I want to make sure first that I am good at this and to see if people like my cakes.

All and any advice is greatly appreciated.


Mollie Burd


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John Flannery ...

I don’t have a commercial kitchen, I work out of my home part-time . I set up a booth at a bridal show two years ago and got two wedding cakes off the show. The rest of my business has been from word of mouth and from friends and coworkers that know I bake. Don’t be afraid to go for it, the orders will start coming in .

Jenniffer White ...

Mollie, I would recommend contacting your local health department and find our what the laws are in your state/city/county. Google can go a long way too in finding out about if your state has a cottage food law and what the restrictions are.

I know you are anxious to get started, but don’t abandon the “business” part of “Cake Decorating Business”. It’s important to understand how your business will run. Business plans, costing out your goods, etc. are all important to know, especially if you are planning on giving up a “real” job to pursue your dream.

Good Luck!

Mollie ...

HI cupdeecakes, I did contact the health department and they said I would need a separate kitchen with lots of industrial type equipment – special sink, range, venting, etc… it would be really costly. However, I do have a place I can pay a small fee to use (she is licensed and up to code in a bakery.)

I am not quitting my day job which is being a special ed teacher. This is something I would do on the weekends and my time off. I just first have to see if I am good at it. So in order to know I need to start baking and decorating lol.

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

To get practice and see if you are any good I would suggest just start baking and giving it to friend and family or bring it in to work. That is what I do with all my sample test stuff. Make something for special family gatherings. If you are good and people like what they see you can then start to develop a business plan and start charging and such.

Mollie ...

PrimaCakesPlus, yes practice is what I need. I am actually doing my own wedding cake in a few weeks. It is a very small party though and I am going to do cupcakes for it too.

Jenniffer White ...

Congratulations on your impending wedding, Miollie! It sounds like you are doing things exactly right! If you just need practice, you might consider buying some cake dummies. Decorate them, photograph them for your portfolio, and then start over.