Making a large square cake in a domestic oven

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Hello my lovely cake friends xx
I’m hoping you might be able to help me with a problem I have.
I’ve been asked to make a cake that will measure 16" square, but I only have a domestic oven which isn’t going to be deep enough for me to be able to close the door if I buy a tin that size!!
I’ve thought about making sheets of cake in a baking tray which is ok, but they aren’t very deep and I can’t find one wide enough. Do I join the cake to get the width?? I’m worried someone will get a slice that has the join in it and don’t want the customer to pay good money for a cake that is patched together.
Any ideas??
Thank xxx

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Joanne Wieneke ...

I recently did a 20×20 cake and i did 4 cakes of 10×10. If you do 4 cakes of 8×8 square inch pan, it will even be easier, as the cakes will bake evenly and you can torte and fill with breeze than a full16x16. If you are worried about the connection, spread a thin layer of icing as adhesives on the sides that will connect with each other, more often a square cake will be evenly cut and they will end up cutting on the middle where there was a connection. Hope this helps.

Karen's Kakery ...

Hi Jo,
that’s a fantastic idea!!
Thank you, I really appreciate it.
I knew someone would have the answer xxxxxx

Xclusive ...

Certainly agree with Jo, had to do something similar about 2 years ago, when I had to do a 30×30 square cake for a corporate organization. It came out beautifully, though covering it with fondant was quite a challenge!

Karen's Kakery ...

Thanks for your help Xclusive, my worry is the fondant will show the joins. But if I ganache carefully I should be ok xx

Karen's Kakery ...

Just want to say thank you ladies for your great advise. Although baking, splitting and decorating four cakes was time consuming, it was much easier to decorate than I thought it would be. And there was no way I would have got it into the oven!! I couldn’t get it into the fridge either, but found a cool room to let the crumb coat set.
Thank you again, and if you would like to see it, it’s posted as Mowing the lawn……….thank you xxx

Xclusive ...

Thumbs up, Karen ! You did a brilliant job!!

Karen's Kakery ...

Thank you….that was a while ago now, but thank you anyway xx