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Hello, lately I’ve been getting a lot of orders for cake pops. I haven’t had any problems with them, except that when I read all the blogs and recipes for cake pops, everybody uses a minimum of 1/2 tub of buttercream for 1 box of cake mix.

Whenever I’ve done this, the cake pops are extremely sweet and gooey – I only use a couple of tablespoons of frosting (I prefer to make my own, but have used store bought in a pinch) and the cake pops are fine – the candy melts already make them sweet enough without all that buttercream

So, after all this rambling, this is my question – HOW MUCH BUTTERCREAM DOYOU USE IN YOUR CAKE POPS?


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DJ - Fun Fiesta Cakes


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miettes ...

DJ, after I crumble my cake and I have my butter-cream ready to go and this is an American buttercream, I start adding a bit to my crumbled cake and mix… I keep on adding butter-cream until I feel the mixture is the consistency I need… I found out this is the best method because each cake recipe differs in texture and thus, needs a different qty of butter-cream… No measurement for me on cake pops… I add as I go and get the perfect texture every tine. Hope this helps!

Goreti ...

I’ve only made cake pops twice. The first time I added some leftover SMBC & orange curd. Neither of which is too sweet and I think I only added a couple of spoonfuls. The second time it was a chocolate cake and I added a couple of spoonfuls of orange marmalade until I had the right consistency. Like Dina, I keep adding a spoonful at a time until it was just right. Some people also add liqueurs. Might try it when it is for adults.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Thank you… Like you, I do the same – I add as I go – but I was curious as to why all the recipes ask for so much buttercream… I like the idea of the orange marmalade for the chocolate pops! AWESOME!

Goreti ...

They were really delicious. I love the combination of chocolate & orange for some reason. Used the marmalade because I didn’t have any buttercream and wasn’t in the mood to make any. Was one of my lazy days.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

LOL – I had to laugh, I have many of those days when you tell yourself – do I really have to make a batch of buttercream? This will be a great alternative – I will try strawberry jam for the strawberry pops!