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I’m making a cake very similar to this×900px-LL-5c1ca1cc_gallery12777100_0206.jpeg

Instead of a sheet cake, I plan on putting the barbie cake on top of a 10" or 12" square cake.

I usually use bubble tea straw as support with a center dowel in the center but how do I support this cake with a central dowel if the barbie is going to be in the middle?

I’m wrecking my brain trying to figure out an alternative


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Jenniffer White ...

Just put your dowel either right in front or just behind the doll. An inch or 2 off of center won’t affect the stability the dowel provides.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Since the Barbie doll is made out of cake, you’ll have a cake board underneath it, so having a middle dowel in the sheet cake for support shouldn’t affect anything. Treat it like you would any other topper.

Whenever I’m placing a heavier topper on a cake, I prefer to use the wooden dowels because they won’t give way and they’re not as intrusive as the bubble tea-straws.

Hope this helps!

MzCuteCupcakes ...

Thanks everyone, it turned out great.

I put the dowel behind the doll, and then covered it with more icing

Jenniffer White ...

Very cute MzCuteCupcakes… Great job!