Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

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cake toppers tutorials #5: Doll cake topper

Hi friends, sharing an idea to make permanent toppers, specially those custom dolls…I hope you like it

cake toppers tutorials #4: PLATED ROSE - my way...

Hi friends!!! so happy to share with you how to make plated roses in a very simple way!

Cake Decoration #4: Cake borders - without regular molds!!!!

Hi friends!!! so happy to share these 5 types of fondant cake borders using easy and cheap kitchen & beauty tools! I hope this is useful for you!


Hi friends!!! finally I published my own recipe of this delicious apple cake. Click the link below:

Cake Decoration #3: Sugar lace fast and easy!

Hi friends!!! this is what I always wanted to do…make tutorials and share what I have learned through these last years. This time I am sharing with you how to make a sugar lace…soon you will see where I have used that lace… Here the link of the...

Cake Decoration #2: Fondant Bows - 3 types-easy and super fast!

Hi friends I am sharing a short video tutorial of how to make 3 types of bows with different finishes. Click the link below to watch the video:

cake toppers tutorials #3: Fondant baby

Hi friends!! In this tutorial I show you how bringing to life a baby made with a silicone mold. Thanks for watching!

cake toppers tutorials #2: Fondant dog tutorial

Hi friends!!! so happy to share with you how to model a dog using only fondant Renshaw and Rainbow Dust Colours. I hope you find it useful. Thanks for watching!

TIPS & IDEAS #1: Silicone view

Hi friends I am sharing a very personal point of view about the need or having so many silicone molds…maybe is useful some of them but is not possible to have all those existing in the market…what do you think about it? Click below to watch what...

cake toppers tutorials #1: SUPER FAST MODELLING FACE!!!!

Hi friends, this time I am sharing how to make a fondant face simple, nice and super fast! Follow me on Click here to watch the video…only 3 minutes!