Sugar Snake Cake

Sugar Snake Cake

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Yoho~! I make cakes coz its fun~! ( ^ _ ^ ) / I am a cake dreamer.

July 2015
I discovered the exciting world of cake decorating by sheer luck, attending a one-day workshop out of curiosity and boredom and I've been hooked since. I try to explore buttercream art one cake at a time (occasionally I get lucky and someone pays me for it XD). I've had some hits and a lot of misses but overall, I think I'm steadily improving as I soldier ahead.

I've gone online (Instagram Twitter, Facebook) and found me a new set of caker friends and I love hanging out with them. Now i want to join cake communities and connect across the globe. I hope we can become friends too!

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il mondo di ielle ...

Hi! I love your cake, I love your style!!

Sugar Snake Cake ...

Hi! Thank you so much! I still have so much to learn and your comment helps boost my confidence _

Sandra Smiley ...

Hi! I saw your question regarding participation in the animal rights collaboration and yes, anyone is welcome to take part. You maybe new to cake decorating, but you do professional quality work! By all means, give it as shot!

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you for the follow! I am green with envy of your buttercream skills! Good thing for me they invented fondant and gum paste……oh, and modeling chocolate, my fav! You do amazing work! I am following you back.

Sugar Snake Cake ...

Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for your motivating words! I truly appreciate it! I’ve tried fondant maybe once… i can imagine so many possibilities but i want to concentrate on buttercream atm 😍😍😍

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I ve your description…so fun…love your buttercream work. Wonderful. I aspire. Did bc years ago when kids were small…youngest is now 33…so long time!! Needs lots of practice…