Homemade sugar lace recipe and video how to make it.

Hello, i made this video how i make homemade sugar lace. The recipe is under the video , in description box. TFL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IIgs68L1nk

Hands and feet tutorial

cornflower tutorial

I use Nicholas Lodge gum paste receipt what dries really fast . With this flower I preferred to tape the star side flowers to the base until they were still soft a little, it prevents breaking them. I never saw a cornflower tutorial, but I needed...

How to Make a Giant Cupcake

Candy’s Cupcakes began with baking and decorating cupcakes and giant cupcakes. I found that I made a niche by adding various designs to a giant cupcake and enjoyed the cute look of them. I often get asked how I make giant cupcakes and their...

Anna Frozen by Bambola di zucchero

How To Get Smooth Butter Cream that Stands up to Heat and Humidity

I have be decorating cakes for 3 months shy of two years now and have had many challenges decorating cakes in a climate that is always hot and humid. My little cake studio is just off of my office and I run the AC at about 77F to 80F (...

Light Coconut Cake

This cake is good as is without any frosting or you can frost it like I did for my son’s birthday cake (pictured). Light & Fluffy Coconut Cake (makes 1x 9-inch pan) 1 cup sugar 1 ½ cups flour ½ teaspoon baking powder ¼...

step by step RAPUNZEL

Have a good time !!

"Home Sweet Home" Royal Icing Sugar Art

I have always wanted to try Sugar Art ever since I was a young girl. Each year we went to the Royal Adelaide show, my favorite part was to look at the cake decorating exhibit. I just loved to look at the beautifully decorated cakes, gorgeous...

Grain tutorial

This is my way to do the grain http://img.cakesdecor.com/image/upload/page_eoflhm.jpg! And when I had a lot of time, I have made them again, but this time I’ve made those ’’mustaches’’ a little bit longer :)