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Wafer paper flowers

Ok so i admit i hate making sugar flowers, mainly because ive the patience of a flea, so this has to be my new favourite thing! I’ve done a quick tutorial, these literally took me less than an hour to make!

Chocolate & Walnuts Delight

Chocolate & Walnuts Delight 200 g (7 oz) dark chocolate, finely chopped 125 g (½ cup) soft butter 125 g (½ cup) dark brown sugar 2 egg yolks 75 g (1/3 cup) chopped walnuts 45 g (1/5 cup) almond meal 2 egg whites 40 g (approx...

Frozen Cake Tutorials #5: How to make ELSA, 3-d!

Hope you all enjoy! Pop over to my facebook page if you want to follow along!

3D cloud cake - little tutorial

Hello everyone, The specification of my child was very simple: colorful and with a rainbow. Certainly I could have finished a simple design with rainbow colors and some clouds on it. But since I had the idea to try my hand at a 3D cake again,...

Gum Paste Flowers -Jasmine

Home Made Vanilla Bean Paste For some months now I have been meaning to have a go at making my own vanilla bean paste. I usually use Nielsen-Massey, but after its recent price hike for the giant bottle it...

How to make hands

Just a little tutorial I hope you like it! ^^ My other works: FB: website:

How to make Piping Gel

I found this recipe on Facebook, which will allow you to make piping gel for pennies on the dollar! Piping gel Yields 1/2-cup Ingredients: • 1/4-cup cold water • 1/4-cup corn starch • 1/2-cup light corn syrup • 1 tsp clear flavor extract...

Veined Wafer Paper Rose Leaves

Working with Wafer Paper just grabbed me since I took lessons in a work shop by Stevi Auble who taught a beautiful open rose. But I was not totally happy with the leaves, so I started an attempt to give them a more natural appearance by...

Cake Structure Shoe Kit

This is currently in front of me on my work bench so I thought it would be perfect to share! I love this kit. The drying ramp is just perfect for the job and the cutters and templates really do make easy work of it. You can make your own...