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CakesDecor Theme: Flowers Part 3

This week’s theme is ‘Beautiful Flowers’, I love flower theme’s and these are absolutely stunning! Congratulations to everyone featured! Elli :-) x ...


Hi Everyone! This amazing Nutella cake is made only with 2 Ingredients!!! I never tried it before, but it’s better then what i thought!!! 😋😋😋 Hope you like it! XOXO

Floral Tape Leaves

This is not a tutorial, but rather a request for one. Does anyone have or know of a tutorial on making leaves for sugar flowers with floral tape? I want to try some Japanese Ikebana flower arranging with gumpaste flowers but can’t think of a way...

Free formed ranúnculos tutorial( my way)

This is a free formed ranúnculos tutorial. As you already know, all my flowers are free formed made- no cutters or templates used to do it. Today I want to share with you all how I made my ranúnculos. Lots of sweet hugs to all ...

CakesDecor Theme: Drip Cakes

Hi Every one! Drip Cakes seem to be very popular at the moment, so here are a few gorgeous examples for those of us who might be thinking to make one! Hope these beautiful cakes will give you some inspiration! :-) Congratulations to...

Cake International - Competition Cakes & Highlights Video

Another amazing show with a record 1300 competition entries! Here’s a few of the highlights and many amazing competition cakes which were on display at Cake International this year. I wish I could include all of them but this video would go...

The secret life of frogs - How to make chocolate frogs

Have you ever thought what frogs do when no one see? Take a look on how to make these chocolate frogs relaxing in jelly baths.

Ice cream Cake Roll

Hi Sweeties, I’ve been wanted to make a cake roll for a long time and I was never decided of how to decorat it, but now that it’s summer time I was inspired to make one with lots of waves on it that remebers the sea! Hope you like it! XOXO

How to make gold confetti or sequin easy way to decorate cake. Thank you for watching!

Amazing Tutorial of Bittersweet Flower by AlanDunn and Tombi Peck

A very young Alan Dunn and Tombi Peck …. footage from around 1992/3 ….. This is part one – The Bittersweet …. Part two to follow soon – Tombi demonstrates the Coffee flower and fruit ….