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Love baking, cooking, art and it only just dawned on me to turn it into a business! I've been cooking, baking and had a passion for art since a child, and have been creating yummy treats for years and developed a reputation for it amongst friends and family...working in customer service and an office environment day by day always wondering to myself: Is this my career? Is this what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life? How come I can't think of a career that I absolutely love? I mean I love baking/cooking but I don't want to be working in a restaurant, working late nights away from my son. I love art but do not see myself as an artist per say wasn't til lying on the couch with my boyfriend watching cake boss, watching buddy create all those amazing designer cakes, I said to my bf, I would love to do that! Gosh, I could so do that! After weeks of wishing, and bf turned around to me and said, why don't you do it? Take a class? I'll support you through it. I can totally see you doing this and being very good at it! And it all began from there, and the rest is history! So now I have my own cake business, me being the boss! :) I couldn't be happier, and I feel as if I have found my purpose and calling! I now can actually say, I am happy with my career and happy to go to work everyday! It's still new and my baby, so it's not completely full time, so I'm still working in customer service in a boring office...but hopefully not for too much longer! I am working my butt off trying to build my brand, get exposure without having to pay thousands on advertising. Spreading the word through Facebook, friends and family. Through this, I've also now landed an ongoing job for my office job, by making cakes for staff birthdays. They used to buy cakes from Michel's Patisserie but now pay me to make them! I've landed a corporate job for another corporate client, buy baking them 120 cupcakes for a charity drive. I also made cakes for another international corporate client for their staff birthdays! I will soon be launching a feature on where my cakes will be featured for half price, for a limited time only. But just with this feature, my brand and website will be viewed by over 1.4 million people. So, the exposure is incredible! This will launch 4th January 2012 so I am sitting on the edge of my seat, very nervous and excited at the same time! I am very proud of myself, being able to accomplish this much in just 4 months of starting my business! I have spent endless hours, sleepless nights working non stop to get this far! I have goals set, and plan to achieve them and exceed my own expectations! So here goes nothing!!! Wish me LUCK!

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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome! I’m looking forward to see your cakes ;)