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Stand up numbers

Hi I have trouble placing stand up numbers on top of the cake. The only easy number is 1, since stick is going all the way in and makes it stable. 2,3,5,6,8,9 is a challenge. Any tips are appreciated. Thank you Galina

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Shiny Fondand

Hi guys I am trying to figure out how to make my fondant shine. Is there a special finish I can use? Any advise? thank you

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MAKING an ice

Hi everyone and Happy Holidays! I want to make an ice rink. Whats the best way to do it besides piping gel. I can never get piping gel smooth enough to look like ice. Thank you

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Braided effect

Hi I am trying to figure out how to make fondant look like braided basket. I found this video on YouTube, woman is using this pressure tool that makes fondant look like this: Any one have any advise Please see picture, its not...

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colored fondant

Hi guys How do you get bright green or blue ( dark, royal blue)? I use Wilton fondant and gel colors. When trying to color green or blue I get pale shades. Do you buy colored fondant, if yes, which brand, or maybe there is another colors I...

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Problem Loading pics

Need your help When i am loading cake pics they show up sideways. Any idea how to fix it? Thank you

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Which fondant to use?

Hi all. First I would like to say, I love this forum and all the help I can get here. Thank you guys. I have a question, which fondant is best to use to cover cakes? As a beginner I mostly use Wilton brand, I buy it at the local Michael’s,...

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New to cake making

Hi guys I am new to this site and to cake making all together. Back in April 2013 my 9 y.o son asked me to make a basketball cake for his birthday, it came out cute, I enjoyed making it, did one for my older son, then for a few friends,...

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Cake show in NY/NJ area?

Hi all I live in New York and was trying to find any cake shows in tri-state area but didn’t having a luck. Any advice on where I can find a show to attend? I really would just like to attend and see other people’s work, as a beginner I am...

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Cake disaster!!!!!

Have you ever had your cake colapse or any other disaster, after it was done and/or delivered? I had to make a babyshower cake and it went wrong on sooo many levels. Top tier got lapsided because of the waight of the Stork and craidle on top...

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Thinking of epanding, need advise

Hi all I started making cakes a few months ago, while in the begining it was just a hobby, cakes for friends and family, now i began getting orders from other peole, friends of friends, co workers.. For those of you who work out of their...

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expanding or not?

Hi All I want to thank you for your support and inputs. This site is great, especially when you are just starting and not sure if heading the right direction. I have another question. For those of you who work out their homes, do you use...

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the best edible printer?

Hi all I was wondering if anyone had an advise on which edible printer to order I recently discovered new love for cake decorating and would like to order one. There are a few on the market and reviews vary. Any advise? thank you