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May 2013    Hobart, TAS


I am a 35 y.o Mum of 4 kids (Blended). I lwas born and live in Hobart, Tasmania.

I am a keen crafter and have always had a wont to venture into the world of cake decorating!

In March 2012 I did a 6 week entry level cake course with Adult education. It was a basic course that gave you an small in site into most areas of cake decorating.
Once this course finished I started taking on a few cakes for family and friends creating labours of love that my partner doesn't really understand. He often says that I put to many hours into my cakes and don't get paid enough for them .... well I probably don't charge enough but I am learning and they are family and friends after all ....right!? ;)

I am looking forward to learning all I can from you all x