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cupcake holders

When I bake cupcakes in a liner or paper cup/holder the cake shows thru the holder. I am I supposed to use 2 holders so the cake doesn’t bleed thru or am I just using cheap holders?

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shoe box cake

When making a shoe box cake is the lid part of the whole cake or is it thinner slice of cake and layered on top? thanks

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When you wrap raffia around the bottom of the cake does it absorb the grease from the buttercream like ribbon does? Thanks in advance

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purse and sagging

Hey all. Why when I make a purse cake does the fondant I cover it with droop at the very bottom? It continues sliding for a while too. I usually decorate it right after I cover it because I am usually stamping letters etc on it. Any answers would...

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Louis Vuitton decorations

Hey all, Any tips on how to get LV and symbols on cake without freehanding the designs? Stencils or stamps etc? Just trying to figure out the easiest way

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Edible Glue and gun Gun?

I have been seeing the SASSIE thing…..It’s a great concept. Been putting off buying it, but after every cake I think, wow would have loved to have that. I hate RI, have mixed up the tylose glue stuff, done the piping gel for sticking things. I...

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Cracked Cake

Hey Guys, I am making a two tiered anniversary cake. The bottom tier (3layers), one layercracked as i flipped onto the other two. I am going to stack a 2 layer tier on top of that. What I am asking is will the cracked layer be stable enough to...

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smash cakes

Hey all, Just wanted to ask ya’ll what size cake etc do you use for a smash cake? What do you put it in to transport it? I have used giant cupcakes but have trouble putting it in something. Maybe I need to make them smaller and use one of...

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buttercream icing

**just wanted to see if anyone has had icing change colors on them? I frosted a cake in a light purple color and when I went to get it out it had turned a light blue color. It was exposed to some light . Luckily the color will still work and I...