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cupcake holders

When I bake cupcakes in a liner or paper cup/holder the cake shows thru the...

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shoe box cake

When making a shoe box cake is the lid part of the whole cake or is it...

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When you wrap raffia around the bottom of the cake does it absorb the grease...

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purse and sagging

Hey all. Why when I make a purse cake does the fondant I cover it with droop...

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Louis Vuitton decorations

Hey all, Any tips on how to get LV and symbols on cake without freehanding...

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Edible Glue and gun Gun?

I have been seeing the SASSIE thing…..It’s a great concept. Been putting off...

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Cracked Cake

Hey Guys, I am making a two tiered anniversary cake. The bottom tier...

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smash cakes

Hey all, Just wanted to ask ya’ll what size cake etc do you use for a...

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buttercream icing

**just wanted to see if anyone has had icing change colors on them? I...