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Gum Paste Open Peony

I made a video on how to make my Open Peonies used on this Wedding Cake. Thought I’ll share it here with you all. I do hope you like it.

gumpaste wisteria #1: making wired gumpaste wisteria flowers & buds

Hi all! Super excited to show you my first youtube video I filmed while making my Konohana Sakuya Hime for the Gardens of the World collab! This one shows you how to make the buds and flowers. Parts 2 and 3 will be added later, showing...

Gum Paste Roses

I made a video on how I make my Gum Paste Roses. I hope you like it. Used on this cake

Gum Paste Flowers Pansies

Hi everyone! There is my tutorial for flowers- pansies

Simple ANEMONE with Simple Tools (Gumpaste or Fondant)

I was asked by quite a few how I made the simple anemone featured on my Simple Black & White Polka Dot cake (see last photo) and realized I could not find any picture tutorials for anything similar to how I made mine to direct them to. There...

Gumpaste Carnations - no special cutters required (with lots of pictures!)

Hi all, By request :) I took photos of every step so I hope this should be clear and detailed enough for beginners like myself to follow (I’ve discovered it’s rather hard to balance a camera in one hand lol). These are some carnations I made...

Parrot Tulip Tutorial (Gumpaste Flower)

I have created a new tutorial for the Parrot Tulip. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love! Christine xxx http://youtu.be/B6TkH9DVT5o

Gumpaste Magnolia Tutorial

Hopefully the photographs are self explanatory, any questions please ask!! :) xxx Hope you all like it . For more Tutorials visit my FB...

double cherry blossom #1: Gumpaste double cherry blossom tutorial pt 1

Hi all! I have a new video up, this time showing how to make my simple gumpaste double cherry blossoms as featured on my KonohanaSakuya / geisha cake. Part 1 is how to make the flowers, the second part coming soon will show dusting. I’ve used a...

How to make a Gumpaste Rainbow

Gather your materials (add a ruler or straight edge to this list!) Knead in a little tylose powder to your coloured fondant. My ratio is 1tsp tylose to 250g of fondant. Roll ropes of fondant (now gumpaste!) to desired thickness. Keep...