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Colorful first birthday cake tutorial

This is an easy, colorful cake, great for kids. You can play with colors, shapes, bows, figures… First, make stripes, (I’ve used 3cm and 1cm stripes), circles in diferent sizes, stars and whatever you want. Cover your cake in white...

How to Decorate and Make Festive Animal Cookies 🐻🦊👶

This past week I created Festive Animal Cookies For a client who wanted seasonal adorable animal cookies for her baby’s first birthday. I choose two of my favorite cookies to make for this week’s tutorial. Both cookies are dimensional piped...

Battle the January Blues with Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies 🦒🐮👶

Anyone affected with the January blues? I have the answer create these Adorable Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies and it will brighten your heart! They are also are awesome for a first birthday party!

Fondant Tutorials #3: Knitted Pattern layover

A fondant and sugarpaste based knitted pattern to add that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling to your christening cake, first birthday cake or a baby shower cake… Click here to see the full tutorial

How to make Easy cow cake!

Hi! In this tutorial I’m showing how to easy and cute cow cake, hope you will like it! Please subscribe to my channel for more videos like this:)

Easy pig cake

Hi! I made this very easy and simple piggy cake tutorial, it’s perfect for beginners and I think it’s very cute:) Subscribe to my channel if you like it and want to see more videos like this:)

How to use disco dust

How to use disco dust

Sugar Paste Fabric Open Rose

I love a full open rose sitting on top of a cake. It is a simple touch of elegance. I had planned on designing a few cakes for Sydney to choose from for 21st birthday party. The first element I need is...

Rapunzel in her Tower tutorial (updated with pictures and stuff I forgot the first time!)

This was my first ever cake a) involving a degree of construction and b) using Dawn Butler’s new Cake Frame product (I bought a starter kit at Cake International, Birmingham) It may be a bit basic for some of you – but hopefully may be of...

How to Paint First Day of School Cookies 🍏🏫🎒

Hand paint an adorable little girl, with her backpack filled with new school supplies