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Fondant.. Fondix, Satin Ice, Wilton, Marshie?

What kind of fondant do you prefer & you think is easy to work with. I usually use Wilton but it gets hard so fast or I have noticed my cakes look alil to thick compared to others I have seen. Maybe its just I don’t roll it enough makes it...

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Cracks on Satin Ice fondant cake

Please help me i latelly bought Satin Ice big bucket. I faced a big problem. When i put it on cake , after awhile starts crack in everywhere. Can you please help me to avoiding augly craking ??

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Nikki Belleperche

Ordering Satin Ice Online

I have a big wedding cake coming up that is going to be covered in all red and black fondant. I don’t normally use satin ice because its so expensive for me but I need pre-colored black and red fondant. I’m looking to get around 15-20lbs of each...

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Satin Ice Fondant cracking

Last weekend I purchased a 20 lb bucket of white Satin Ice fondant for the first time. I have purchased their 5 lb buckets of red and black fondant, because I usually make my own (MMF) and I never had any problems. I love the taste and texture. ...

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Is Satin Ice a good option for a newbie?

Hi everyone, I am a vegan and will be using Satin Ice for decorating a cake. Would appreciate any feedback on Satin Ice and also would like to know if there are any other vegan options for fondant. Thanks in advance. Barbismom.

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Satin Ice - Free Shipping!

I just wanted to share the fact I found Jester’s Cake Supply’s eBay store has 4-5 lb. buckets of Satin Ice for $79.95 with free shipping. It’s the cheapest I’ve found factoring in shipping charges which are ridiculous everywhere. I usually use...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Satin Ice

Although I like the way the Wilton fondant covers the cake, I just purchased a large tub of Satin Ice. My question is this – does anyone have trouble with coverage when using Satin Ice? I’ve been experimenting to see how I can best utilize it...

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Elisa Colon

Fondant Brands

Curious to see what fondant brands everyone uses… I am currently using three different brands. Massa Tuccino for wedding cakes. Fondx to cover cakes. Satin Ice for colors, figurines & sometimes to cover. Thanks for sharing!!

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Sweet Dreams by Heba

CookieCon Reno Demonstrator

OFFICIAL NEWS I can officially announce that I am proud to be invited to CookieCon Reno 2019 as a Demonstrator! I will be collaborating in FOUR different classes to present some new techniques and amazing cookie decorating concepts to add...

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What type of Fondant do you use?

I’m wondering what type of fondant everyone uses. More orders are coming in and I simply don’t have time to make my own fondant always. I love Pearl Clay but the Pettinice is too soft without the chocolate (and I think that’s more for decorations...

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Rebekah Naomi Cake Design


Hi Everyone, I had the insane pleasure of working with a bunch of nutter butters on a brilliant collaboration that explores avant-garde fashion, art and architecture. please feel free to head on over, visit our page and see these crazy awesome...

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Christine Kerr


Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the group. I’m from Newcastle Australia and have been decorating cakes for 30 years this year. I currently teach cake decorating as well as demonstrate at trade shows around Australia. I’m also the Australian...

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Love Blossoms Cakery- Jamie Moon

The State Fair of Texas-Texas Pride-Sweet Style

This year we decided to share our love of The State Fair of Texas. We each picked an iconic item from the fair and recreated it in sugar. We gained permission from the fair which is the largest fair in America and the most attended. We were...

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fondant vs buttercream price

When pricing cakes, do you all charge more for fondant vs buttercream or swiss buttercream? Id like to start making some fondant cake but I dont want to make it. I think buying the Satin Ice Fondant would be ok for me to use, however then I...

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CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

Your chance to win a free trip to The Americas Cake Fair , Orlando, USA!

OK you guys here is a fantastic opportunity for one person to win a free trip to the ever sunny Orlando, Florida for the Satin Ice Americas Cake Fair. Last year it was simply brilliant and I know next years they will even try to top it so it will...

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which fondant do you use?

Just a little test for knowing which fondant to choose. Since 1,5 years I’m using satin ice but lately I have the more and more diffeculties to get the fondant correctly on my cake. Which fondant are you using? Hope someone would like to give...

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Simply Superb Cakes

Fondant Debate

Hi Everyone, I am new to this site so please forgive me if this question has already been addressed. I have been using Satin Ice fondant and more often than not I get the horrible elephant skin, which just drives me bonkers! I heard good...

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What is your favorite fondant?

Im wondering what is the majority on best fondant brands. I’ve heard Satin Ice is very good but haven’t teied it yet. I have been using Credipaste lately as its a harder one and with the heat, I can’t use Renshaw, FunCakes…it just tears when I...

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Slice of Sweet Art

refrigerating fondant covered cakes?

I have 4 cakes due this weekend and am trying to do as much advance work as possible and was wondering . . . can I cover my cakes in fondant (mix of Satin Ice & Chocopan) & toss them in the fridge for a couple days? I’ve read that many...

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Can I fix a cracked figure?

So I made my Doc McStuffin figure with 50/50 satin ice chocolate and white fondx. I stopped using satin ice for figures because as it dries it ALWAYS cracks. I thought maybe if i mixed the chocolate SI with Fondx I would be ok, but nope. I...