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How to make flat Lego bricks without molds

Hi all, lovely decorators! I’m working on a Lego themed cake and was wondering how to make sugar lego bricks, without molds. I have one, indeed, but it’s too thin to work with and I didn’t want to buy a stronger one. So I searched for a...

How to cut Wafer paper without scissors or craft punch

You will find the video here: Hope you like it! Thank you for wachting! Sylvia Xx

How to make a Dahlia Without Cutters

To Make this you will need Sugar Glue Tylose Bakels RTR Pettinice (Or something like Satin ice but if you can Bakels is what I use) Food Colouring (I use rainbow Dust Progel colours and for this coloured Red pettinice with Burgundy...

Cake Decoration #4: Cake borders - without regular molds!!!!

Hi friends!!! so happy to share these 5 types of fondant cake borders using easy and cheap kitchen & beauty tools! I hope this is useful for you!

White Magnolia(without magnolia cutter)

White Magnolia is one of my favorite flowers,it is pretty and easy to make. In this picture-tutorial I want to show, even without Magnolia cutters, you can still create a nice flower.Any ordinary 3 sizes leaf cutter works :-) ...

Can chocolate cake be be made without an almighty mess???? 🤔😄

A thought occurred to me while I was sitting at my kitchen table, waiting for the ganache to set on two cakes before icing, when I glanced down and caught a glimpse of my ‘working’ T-shirt. That thought was, and it’s a very serious question btw,...

How to make Gum paste Poinsettia Flower. (Without using flower cutters).

First time try making this Christmas flower… Poinsettia. In my way, Without using flower cutters. Using paper template instead. And I love it !!! Hope you like it too… Enjoy making sugar flower… _ Create thin veins on each...

How to make Christmas Cookies without artificial colors

Hope you will like that way of decorating Christmas Cookies without artificial colors

shells fondant tutorial without moulds

this is a photo tutorial in Italian but I hope that the photos can explain and help however someone! ;)

How to make fondant/ gumpaste butterfly without cutter or mold.

Hi, everyone.! This is the first time i make this video, to show you how to make fondant/gumpaste butterfly without any cutter or mold. Supper easy and very cheap :). By the way, I’m not born in US, and my English not 100% ,,:). Hope you...