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How to make a wafer paper hidrangea with fondant leaves

Hi friends, here’s an easy way to make a wafer paper green hidrangea and a fondant leaf. You need 1 styrofoam ball, 1 wire for flowers, 2 sheets of white wafer paper, some green fondant, yellow+green+white+red food powder color, 1 brush,...

Wafer paper orchid Tutorial

Hi everyone as promised here it is ..the Wafer paper Tutorial… This is a guideline on how to go about them and this is how i figured them out ..possibilities are endless and this is my first tutorial so i hope everyone can find it use...

Wafer Paper Pompom Flower Tutorial

Pictures are clockwise!

How to color wafer paper with gel colors.

Hello sweet people! I used to color wafer paper with powdered colors mixed to wodka, but sometimes I wasn’t pretty satisfied with the results, because wp broke or because I was drunk at the end of the work! I’m kidding of course. I just...

Wafer Paper LOTUS Tutorial by The Violet Cake Shop™

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I made a tutorial for how to recreate the wafer paper lotuses that I had on my Festival of Lights cake from October, for everyone as my Christmas gift. Hope you all enjoy it and it is helpful. There is a tip for...

Large Wafer Paper Tulips

When you paint them the color will look bold , but it soaks into the paper and and the petal will curl :D . I then brush them with luster dust .<3

Veined Wafer Paper Rose Leaves

Working with Wafer Paper just grabbed me since I took lessons in a workshop by Stevi Auble who taught a beautiful open rose. But I was not totally happy with the leaves, so I started an attempt to give them a more natural appearance by veining...

marbled effect on wafer paper

Mix together blue and black colour powder with wodka. Gently but quickly, dip a wafer paper sheet into the mix. Cut out shapes you desire. Model while steaming:

How to quickly and easily color wafer paper - stone effect

You will need: 1 wafer paper sheet, white color powder, black color powder, food alcohol, pearlescent color food powder (sorry, it’s not in the photo), a small piece of sponge, a cotton swab, black stamens, a wire, paintbrushes, scissors,...

Cake Decoration #1: Wafer paper fantasy flowers

Hi friends. below the link so you can see how I make my fantasy flowers using wafer paper.