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Tree bark tutorial - video


Birch Bark Tree Wedding Cake

Hand painted to look like birch stumps. Mississippi Mud and vanilla rotating tiers. The painting alone took a day and a half.

EASIEST Tree Bark Effect Tutorial Ever!

Hi Everyone, earlier last year I created a tutorial for an antique fondant effect,the tutorial has been one of my most successful tutorials. When I created this technique I realized it had a lot of potential for creating other effects,...

Tiered birthday cakes #1: Diving and Plane themed cake w/ shark.

I frosted an 8 & 10-inch round 2-layer cakes in blue buttercream icing. I made diver, treasure chest, and shark out of fondant, and allowed to dry for several days. I placed clear cake columns through 10- in. tier to...

Realistic tree bark ?

Hello to all users…how do i make realistic tree bark without a silicon mould? have someone have a goos tutorial? thanks in advance

Tree stump cake

One of my first Youtube video tutorials I made was making the bark effect on a tree cake, today I uploaded my video on making the top of the tree cake i.e the tree stump which you can see below :)

Icing a cake - free tutorials #1: Creating a Wood bark effect on your cake

Here I show you how I create a wood bark effect on a cake, using fondant a modelling tool and food colouring. If you like the video, please do subscribe to my channel where I put new videos up weekly :) Thank you for watching

Realistic buttercream Birch tree cake tutorial (video)

Hi all, It’s been a while since I posted here, I thought I would for my latest tutorial video – how to make a realistic birch tree stump cake using buttercream, with no special piping tips. Every part of this cake is decorated in pure...

Interview #24: Karla Chumpitaz of Sweet K

Short Bio My name is Karla Chumpitaz, I’m 30 years old. I’m from Peru but I live Brescia (Italy) since 2008 and Sweet K is my business at the moment I studied pastry in my country and after that I took a course of cake decorating that...

How to make a 3D standing Lorax cake tutorial

So, I’m no expert, I mostly make things up as I go along, but here’s how I made my lorax cake… I hope it helps someone and maybe give you the confidence to have a go at a standing cake if you haven’t yet, as this was my first. I used steel...