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Tips on making basic facial features

Here’s our weekly serving of tips, and today we offer you our method that we call skinning.

How I use Russian tips for decorating cookies

Tutorial #10: Dummy Cakes, Gift Box .... and tips for Christmas

Are you looking for a super easy idea for gifts this Christmas? Or do you need a last minute present to take to a party? I really hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will be helpful.

Russian Piping Tips

Hi all, I just want to share the video I made using the trendy Russian piping tips. Shown in the video are several tips and the kind of flowers they make. I received so made questions on how to use these special nozzles, so I made a...

Cake Presentation Tips

Like many of us I follow a number of cake related companies on social media sites and forums. Not only do other companies showcase fantastic work and inspire us, they also highlight a couple of bug bears that can be easily avoided. These...

Sugar Flowers #12: How to Use Cutters and Veiners you Have for Some New Flowers and Foliage, 5 Tips... Hope someone finds it useful, or even gets the idea that it can be done, as I used to buy everything specifically for absolute ages! The foliage on the thumbnail is in Cold Porcelain

Fondant Tips on Eliminating Air Bubbles and Bulges

A common problem that probably every cake decorator has had to deal with at one time or another is when a cake forms bulges after coating it with rolling fondant. This is an especially important issue when making wedding cakes because you...

Sugar Flowers #19: Making Sugar Flowers: TOP TIPS Hi everybody, for those of your who follows my channel ( and for those who doesn’t) Here’s my ‘TIP TUESDAY’ compilation, if you find it useful in some way, please SHARE and like. Thanks...


Christmas tree cake tips?

This year for Christmas I am hoping to make a Christmas tree cake! But as I’ve never made one before and haven’t found any tutorials, I was hoping you might have some tips! To make the cake one to remember! I’m hoping to make one a bit like the...