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Tiffany Cake

New beginnings #19: First entry for 2013

Happy New Year All :-) Well it’s all starting now so far I’ve got 18 cakes to make throughout the year my head is buzzing with ideas and I’m loving it. I’m working in the 3 day rule Day1: bake cake Day2: ice cake Day3: finishing touches to...

Whimsical New Year 2014 Gift Box Cake

Sydney loves bows on boxes, she thought a three tier gift box cake with whimsical flowers, swirls, and of course bows would be an awesome New Year’s Eve cake! We wanted each tier to have it’s own special gift, the bottom is filled with...

Cake Toppers #1: Tiffany inspired Jewelled Broach & Bow Cake topper

Tiffany inspired Jewelled Broach Tutorial

My Cake Decorating Journey

Thanks for the share opportunity Michal – great idea! My earliest memory of cake was when I lived with my Gran – she made delicious cakes that were rock hard and you had to use your teeth like a scraper to gnaw at them! She didn’t have an oven...

Tangled cake tutorial

Hi everyone! This is my first real tutorial and there are some missing photos so bare with me. I hope I have explained this clearly enough and that it’s not a terrible bore. :) Here we go: I started by tracing and cutting (3) 12" circles...

Tiffany blue sugar flower


Tiffany Blue Chocolate Pyramid Tutorial

Tiffany Blue Chocolate Pyramid Tutorial

Be My Valentine! movie nights collaboration

Facebook page: Website: Video: Admins: Hajnalka Mayor (creator) and Isabel Tamargo Welcome to “Be My Valentine! movie nights”...

Twelve Days of Christmas Homemade 2014

Two months ago, 12 artists from around the world were brought together by Heba, owner of Sweet Dreams, who has been the driving force behind this idea !! Each artist recreated one of the 12 days in a unique interpretation, keeping with the lyrics...