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Swedish Chef cake-topper tutorial our site where are lots more free tutorials

Swedish raspberry gummy hearts


How to make Swedish ice chocolate (ischoklad)

Here is a short video on How to make Swedish Ice chocolate (Ischoklad). Enjoy!

How to make a Swedish christmas cracker (Smällkarameller)

How to make swedish chocolate truffles (choklad bollar)

How to make swedish chocolate truffles (choklad bollar)

Swedish Savoury Sandwich cakes #1: Sandwich cakes.

In Sweden we have something called Smörgåstårta, this is a savoury form of cake. In this series I will show you how to make them, it might take some time since it is really heavy work for me who has muscle disease and cant eat store-bought...

Inga at the beach

Inga in the beach (shaped feminine in fondant). The summer comes and the Spanish beaches fill with tourists. Inga, the exuberant Swedish one that seems to be extracted of Alfredo Landa’s movie. A northern epicure the one that is charmed with...

Video Turorial Fondant Cake Topper #1: Video Tutorial Beaker by Muppets Fondant Cake Topper

How to make Beaker by Muppets Fondant Cake Topper step by step

Modelling Chocolate - UK Recipe and tutorial

Hi everyone! I have worked with Modelling Chocolate (referred to as M/C throughout this article) many times over the past few months, trying to find the perfect recipe, and the best ways to use it. I have encountered many wonderful results, but...

Giraffe Figurine Tutorial

This tutorial is for the giraffe figuring sitting ontop of cake, for the tutorial to paint the bottom tier follow this link You’ll need : ball tool large & very small, 10cm long skewer, knife, small...