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create a sugar paste doll's face

I’m not very good with English so let talk about the pictures, I hope they are understandable. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them as best I can

Realistic sugarpaste eye

Hi everyone. I studied for 3 months this tecnique and I’d like to share this way to get a realistic iris eye in sugarpaste dolls or figures. I pic a piece of White sugarpaste for modeling. I draw a circle with black colour. I begin with a...

Easy and speedy way to make sugar paste fairy's hair with pasta maker machine

This is my first tutorial. There is no audio, but i think it’s easy to understand. Hope you appreciate! Thank you :)

Sugarpaste Clouds

There are lots of sugarpaste cloud tutorials available, but I thought you might like to see how I do them. They are very easy, but a bit time consuming… especially when you design a cake covered in them! I make them directly onto the cake and in...

Sugarpaste Pinwheels

I’m sure everyone here already know how to make these, but just in case here’s a quick pictorial I pulled together: I hope you like it :) x

Super easy sugarpaste rose

That’s my all time favorite silicon mould for big roses from Karen Davies

video - tutorial sculpting face in sugar paste viso pasta di zucchero cake topper

How to Create Sugar Paste Pansy

Pansies are vibrant, breathe taking, fragrant, edible, bloom and the flower most people take for granite. The pansy is linked forever to the viola, its ancestor, violas includes both pansies and violets,...

How to make DISGUST INSIDE OUT cake topper fondant disgusto pasta di zucchero torta sugar paste

Elegant Sugar Paste Summer Spray

With Sydney’s 21 birthday a little more than one month away, I am still trying to create the perfect spray for her cake. Sydney saw a similar spray in Alan Dunn’s Creative Cakes when she was home for spring break. Sydney loves orchids; there...