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RED Red Velvet Cake

I absolutely love red velvet cake and I use this recipe each time I make it. The end product produces a rich, deep red and moist, light texture. The deep red color is achieved using a combination of cocoa rouge and beet juice – it’s how I...

Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet Waffles Valentine's Day Recipe

Hi Everyone! For Valentine’s Day you want to surprise your special one but don’t know how??? Here are some easy and quick Decorated Waffles for the occasion ;)

Does anyone have a no fail dense moist red Velvet recipe for fondant/construction cakes?

I just havent found the right red velvet for fondant cakes yet – the last one I tried sank (my cakes never sink!) so I am hoping someone out there can help me, I have to make one in a couple of weeks time, Thank you!!

Red Velvet cupcakes

In this vidio I share with yours a recipie of Red Velvet cupcakes. Click here in the link and I hope you enjoy! “:”;


Interview #33: Melanie Byrne of The Enchanting Merchant Company

1. How or why did you get started in cake decorating… was it by accident or did you always a passion for it? I used to love baking when I was younger because it was my form of escaping everything that was going on around me.  I was always a...

Cream cheese style white ganache (no need to refrigerate)

Hi all, This is a recipe I made up to go with the last wedding cake which I made, which was red velvet. I didn’t want to use a perishable filling like cream cheese bc because I could never fit such a large cake in my fridge, and wanted the...

Wedding Cake Rescue

On Friday evening I returned from cooking with the kids at my local Youth Club and checked my phone to see a number of missed calls, a voicemail and text messages. My best friends nieces 4 tier wedding cake has collapsed en route from the baker...

Butterscotch Cupcake with Caramel Frosting: Recipe

Cupcakes are delicious and cute. These are perfect desserts for kids. Variety of flavored cupcakes in Brisbane are available in cake shops. These cakes may be of chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, red velvet flavor – the list is endless. These...

Scary cakes & Halloween!!! #1: Walking Dead in buttercream!

I frosted a 1/4 sheet red velvet w/ buttercream and smoothed w/ very warm water w/ knife dipped in and shake off excess. * (tip) I also pre-spray lightly water before smoothing and knife in warm water. Center of cake put a...