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Hand Painting

I remember being utterly terrified the first time I painted a cake! I’d been asked for an animal print cake and the customer had sent me an image that was clearly painted! Luckily for me my friend Liz (time for tiffin) had done one so she talked...


I have done a few more picture tutorial’s to show my method’s hope they help :) First up how is the stamping part , normally i would do this straight onto the cake. You could also use this method cut out and then paint and add to cake for a...

From Painting To Cookies #SA4A tutorial.

Step by step photo pictorial showing how I created these beautiful chocolate cookies for the Sugar Art for Autism 2017 collaboration, using paintings created by Christophe Pillault. I hope you like my tutorial. Thanks for looking.

Buttercream bluebell woodland cake - piping & edible oil painting

Hi all, It’s bluebell season here in the UK, and for a few weeks we have gorgeous seas of purple flowers covering the ground and releasing their scent into the air. I went to see the beautiful scenery at Clent Hills on Friday and was...

Maori Tattoo monochrome, cake painting

Tools you will need. Draw your template on parchment paper. Prepare a plate made of modeling chocolate or fondant, as you prefer. Lay the template on the plate and follow each line with a toothpick in order to affect slightly your...

Edible Painitng on Cakes #1: My edible painting on fondant covered cake

Step #1 Cover cake with fondant with your choice of color Step #2 Trim edges and smooth fondant onto cake Step #3 Draw/Transfer image on cake using scriber needle and pencil (this will be “erased” later with water) Step #4 Shade images...

Painting Tutorial - 'Peek-a-Boo' Easter Bunny

Hi everyone! This Easter, I didn’t know what to do… Literally… I thought about eggs, then bunnies, then bunnies in eggs, then I forget about it… Suddenly, yesterday when I was navigating through Pinterest, a cute drawing appears in my...

Painting on fondant!

I have been looking at how to paint on cakes, and found a simple edible paint recipe! But as I’m not that good at painting I was hoping their was a way to trace an image, and paint over it! So if you know any ways please let me know! :D Thanks!

PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #4: Painting Peony Flower Free-Hand, Tip-Demo


this second video tutorial shows various ways to paint a sugar flower, and modeling faces and parts of a doll. I hope you like it.