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How to modeling a women face

Cruella De Vil made in modeling chocolate

Cupido modeling tutorial

Hello! My Valentine’s gift to you is this Cupido made in modeling paste. Hope you like it! Thanks for following my tutorial!

Modeling a women body

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face modeling

video face modeling by niv

How to make modeling chocolate

MODELING CHOCOLATE. That’s what has been consuming me lately. I’ve always been fascinated by it ever since I started decorating cakes for a hobby but I’ve never been brave enough to want to try making it myself until I saw...


this second video tutorial shows various ways to paint a sugar flower, and modeling faces and parts of a doll. I hope you like it.

Video Tutorial on How to make a Blush Pink Rose from modeling chocolate FREE HAND

I have been obsessed recently with modeling chocolate and all the beautiful things you can create with it. I was just playing around with my white and red modeling chocolate when I accidentally mixed a little bit of red with the white and so...

Pink Penelope Learn How To Create Characters In Modeling Chocolate

Creating edible figures for cake toppers is a popular cake decorating technique. Lately pregnant mommies for baby showers have been showing up all over the internet. Brides and grooms are also a favorite. There are many mediums that can be...