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How to make a wafer paper hidrangea with fondant leaves

Hi friends, here’s an easy way to make a wafer paper green hidrangea and a fondant leaf. You need 1 styrofoam ball, 1 wire for flowers, 2 sheets of white wafer paper, some green fondant, yellow+green+white+red food powder color, 1...

Veined Wafer Paper Rose Leaves

Working with Wafer Paper just grabbed me since I took lessons in a workshop by Stevi Auble who taught a beautiful open rose. But I was not totally happy with the leaves, so I started an attempt to give them a more natural appearance by...

Falling Leaves Effect

For my Festival of Lights collaboration cake, I did an effect of falling leaves. This is a simple way of how I achieved that. Regards Candace.

Jungle Leaves - my way

When I made my Jungle Safari Cake for George I wanted to make those very ‘jungley’ leaves with the loopy slits in the sides but I didn’t have a cutter. I had a little think and came up with this idea. I used an empty drink can and cut a...

Floral Tape Leaves

This is not a tutorial, but rather a request for one. Does anyone have or know of a tutorial on making leaves for sugar flowers with floral tape? I want to try some Japanese Ikebana flower arranging with gumpaste flowers but can’t think of a way...

Gum Paste -Simple leaves

How to make wired and veined wafer paper leaves

Hi lovelies!!!! Here’s the video tutorial on how I made the wired and veined wafer paper leaves shown on the above photo. Enjoy!!! xo-Rose

How to make sugarpaste leaves with dark veins

Hello¡¡ Here you have a new tutorial. Hope you likeit To access it please click the link below. I will be posting weekly tutorials regarding sugar flowers, so you can suscribe my youtube channel for it.

Fondant canes #2: Veined flowers and leaves

Hi! Today I want to show you a technique slightly different from what made in the lesson number 1, to obtain canes for a single veined petal of a flower, instead of the whole flower, and a veined leaf. Once you master this technique, you will...

Gum Paste Flowers #3: Rose Leaves on Floral Wire

To make gum paste leaves on floral wire, you’ll need: 26 gauge (food safe) wire, green gum paste, rolling pin, angled offset spatula, CelBoard, gum glue, rose leaf cutter, dusting pouch, and a leaf veining mold or shaping foam and veining tool. ...