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CakesDecor Theme: Geode Cakes

This weeks theme is beautiful ‘Geode Cakes’. Very impressive, colourful and stunning designs!! Big congratulations to everyone featured!! :-) Elli :-) x

UNSA Acts of Green #2: UNSA Collaboration- Acts of Green RAFFLE (w/prize list)

Thanks to the generous support of our cake community we have amazing prizes for this years UNSA fundraiser!!!! If your wondering who or what the National Geographic Society is beyond a photo magazine, please take a moment to visit and you will...

How to make a geode

I made some edible geode’s I only used fondant en coloured sugar Get a couple of glasses or bowls Fill them up with aluminiumfoil en make a shape of a bowl on the top Start with rolling out the fondant, i’ve used grey/brown and white for...