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The wolf and the rabbit - figures from the animated film "Nu, pogodi !"

Hello, I’m not a professional decorator, but I decided to show you the way I made the wolf and rabbit figures from the animated film “Nu, pogodi !”. I’d be glad to help another amateur-decorator like me :) Nice day to all :)

Decoration, figures, flowers #6: Little teddy bear

Decoration, figures, flowers #5: Basket (stroller) for baby..

Decoration, figures, flowers #3: Snoopy..

Decoration, figures, flowers #2: Bee Maja

Decoration, figures, flowers #1: Frog..

Gumpaste figures tutorials #2: Little Kingdom - Elf Ben figure tutorial

After my Princess Holly figure tutorial, I’ll share this Elf Ben figure tutorial. Make head, just like you’ve made Holly’s. Make body, arms and hands And of course a trumpet Make Ben’s legs. I did it like this. ...

Decoration, figures, flowers #4: Elephant..

Gum paste figures #1: Maggie Simpson :)

How to make this little cutie : Now things you need: I don´t have any fancy tools so I use what i have :) Start by making the head. Squeeze the gum paste around the sides at top. Cut out the hair. Now the bow. The eyes and...

Gumpaste figures tutorials #5: Frozen - Olaf figure tutorial

Start with Olaf’s head. Add mouth… …and eyes Don’t forget carrot! It’s not an perfect carrot, so give it some curves. Make his tooth. Add black dots for pupils on the eyes. Now, make the body ...