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Eggless cake recipe

Can someone please share an eggless cake recipe ???

Eggless wedding Cakes

A Little Cake in Park Ridge, NJ is specializes in eggless cakes Call now 201.391.6300 or email at LEO@ALITTLECAKE.COM for Eggless wedding cakes.

My baking adventure #2: Lemon Sponge Cake Eggless & Butterless

"": Eggless Lemon Sponge Cake is very soft and moist with the flavor of lemon. This is my first time baking a cake without eggs. Recently, I had a request from someone (one of the subscribers) to bake an eggless...



In my previous post I shared few details on Christmas Cake and “Molasses”. I got lot of queries on “Molasses”. In this post I am clearing all your doubts ON “Molasses”. My previous post link...

Fondant Wedding Cake With An Overflowing Flower

A Little Cake made this 4 layer wedding cake with a huge overflowing flower over the cake.


Mud Cake

Wedding Cakes In New York city

If you are looking for fondant wedding cakes in New York city contact A Little Cake today! Call now 201.391.6300 or email at LEO@ALITTLECAKE.COM. Check out our big selection of cakes for the beautiful & delious fondant wedding cakes designs...

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: 4 1/2 C sifted all purpose flour 3 C white sugar 1 C good quality unsweetened cocoa powder 1 C vegetable oil 3 C water (or you can substitute 1 C of water for 1 C of almond or soy milk for a denser/richer cake) 3...

Sawsen's famous Egg Free Swiss buttercream - SEBC

Hi everyone, I jokingly put famous in the title, but truth be told it kindof is! This is my improved egg-free Swiss buttercream recipe – SEBC for short – which has been published in American Cake Decorating magazine, and a modified fruit...