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"Cinderella complete pictorial" #1: N°1/33: the Dress

Hi everyone! !!! I’m very proud to introduce you my brand new COMPLETE PICTORIAL of “Cinderella”! It’ll guide you through the the making of this amazingly elegant princess from head to toe, with tones of detailed pictures ♡♡♡Hope you...

Fondant Tutorials #1: Barbie Doll Dress Cake Tutorial

I’m using only pictures for this one, hope they all speak for themselves. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them! XXX Barbara Hoogendoorn | Taart Nouveau | Netherlands ...

Elsa Dress Tutorial

"Cinderella complete pictorial" #4: N°63/91: arms, hands, dress details

How to make pregnancy dress cupcake topper with daisy print

Pictures are talking ;) ,, please don’t hesitate to ask me about any details :) to see this dress : thanks for watching

Fondant Linen Sugar Cookie Dress Tutorial

Sydney has an amazing red dress, every time she wears the dress heads turn to look. Sydney had planned to wear the dress to her dad’s and mine 22nd anniversary. Due to her class schedule and her volunteer work she was unable to join DF and I....

The Sugar Cookie Dress to the Academy Awards

EVERYBODY’S GOT AN OPINION. When it comes to the Academy Awards’ red carpet, that’s about 40 million or more will be handing down judgments about this actress’s ill-fitting dress or that one’s overly done. It’s enough to give both nominees...

Dress Tutorial

3-D Ruffled Ombre Dress Sugar Cookie

I have been watching General Hospital for 48 of the 50 years it has aired on ABC, my grandma and I would await for every new adventure each day at 2:00 pm CT. I skipped school on November 17th 1981 to watch Luke and Laura”s wedding, I...

Pictorial Video Tutorial #3: How to Decorate a Hat Box Design Cake with Dress Motif

This is one of my very early pictorials. Very easy cake to make and decorate following this simple tutorial.