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Bib, Dummy and Converse Shoes out of fondant for a Christening Cake

After lots of reserches I found the perfect and most cute bibs designs on the internet and reproduced them out of fondant. I hope you enjoy them 😉 😉 😉

Baptism/ Christening Cake #1: Pinky White Baby stroller Christening Cake

A pink n white themed buttercream cake covered with fondant…with a baby stroller cake topper n a teddy by it’s side with palm n fingers, foot n toes print on the sides of the cake

Baptism/ Christening Cake #2: Pink and Purple Embossed Cake with a Baby Topper

Loved working on this cute cake with a sleepung baby topper for a sweet n cuddly baby Rachael for her Christening day.

CakesDecor Theme: Beatrix Potter Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookies

British author Beatrix Potter was not only an amazing story teller, but she was also an incredible artist, every single one of the tales she wrote were brought to life with beautiful paintings of animals and English countryside. The Tale of Mr....

Interview #23: Viorica Dinu

Short bio My name is Viorica Dinu. I live in Bucharest Romania. I studied fine arts institute. I love the beauty, the perfection of things done. Three years ago I started making cakes as a hobby, and now together with my daughter...

Fondant Tutorials #3: Knitted Pattern layover

A fondant and sugarpaste based knitted pattern to add that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling to your christening cake, first birthday cake or a baby shower cake… Click here to see the full tutorial

Sugar BABY in a CRADLE Cake Topper Tutorial

Recently I made a Stork and Baby Topper tutorial for a christening cake and mentioned about how a baby in a cradle could be another idea for a similar event. So today I would like to show you how to make a cradle with the baby inside. ...

Living the dream (update 1 year on) So it’s been an entire year since I gave up the rat race and decided to start “living the dream!” Do I have any regrets? No. What have I learnt? A lot! Anything is possible I...

Day in the life of a cake maker #1: 12th October 2012

2 cakes to make today, a very floral pink number 1 shaped 1st birthday cake and a blue and white little boy’s Christening Cake. 100 cupcakes to deliver and then not very much else. Looking forward to showing you the pictures.

CakesDecor Theme: Baby Cakes

Hi Everyone! This week we are looking at ’Baby Cakes’. There is a fabulous collection here of absolute cuteness and perfection!! There are so many different designs and styles showcased here, and also lots of inspiration if you’re looking...