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Copyright Character Cakes - a glimmer of hope for options??

Hello Cakers. We all know the copyright brew-haha is not a new issue, it is now as it has always been. But what hasn’t been done (or even attempted!) yet… Is us cakers standing UNITED as a massive collective and asking the big brand owners; WHY...

How to make a 2D character!!

This is a pictorial video on how I made my 2D Baby Minnie cake topper for a baby shower cake. Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Thanks for looking!!!

Easy way to make googgly eyes on Sesame Street characters and others

I’m in the process of making cake pops and cupcakes for my grandson who is turning 1. When it came to the eyes, I started rolling little balls of fondant, but it was difficult to make them all the same size besides being a very time consuming...


Movie "Frozen" Character Cookies

Did a lot of research on how to make “Frozen” Character Movies. I found it almost impossible to make the characters look accurate if not hand paint them directly onto the icing. I hate to have to use printable so here is my first effort to try...

Doc McStuffins Characters.

Could someone please guide me to a Doc McStuffins Tutorial? I don’t know if I have the right page but I can’t find any how to’s for them.

Pink Penelope Learn How To Create Characters In Modeling Chocolate

Creating edible figures for cake toppers is a popular cake decorating technique. Lately pregnant mommies for baby showers have been showing up all over the internet. Brides and grooms are also a favorite. There are many mediums that can be...

My second try at Frozen character cookies

So my only complaint with the first Frozen cookies was that they don’t look very much like the movie characters. here is my second attempt, personally i feel they are closer to the characters then b4, what do u think?


Character Cakes Copyright

I have been a hobby cake decorator for years and have made cakes for friends and family as favors, my Gruffalo cake was for a friend and so was the van, copyright didnt even enter my head when i made them as i wasnt selling them. This year i...