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3D Minnie Cake Tutorial

Hi there lovely people!!!! This is how I did my 3d Minnie Cake!!! I’ll have to say that I did have a lot of photos of the head but very few of the body, so this is what I manage to do. Hope you like it!!! ...

3D Chinook helicopter cake tutorial

Ok lovelies here we go my very first pic tutorial on here. I did this cake just a few days before one of the members on here needed a tutorial for this exact cake so I thought I had better post it even though it is a little late for Ellie others...

Standing cookie cake tutorial

Not really a tutorial, just more of a progress photos, but I thought it might help someone as well :)

Bulldog Cake Tutorial

Meet Biff The Bulldog!! 😊🐶 FREE step-by-step video tutorial for this cake available on my YouTube Channel:

Corpse Bride doll cake tutorial

Corpse Bride doll cake tutorial :) if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Flower Pot Cake Tutorial

Materials Airbrush Airbrush colors, white, green and black Bench scraper Cake recipe Cardboard cake circle, 8-inch 1 batch chocolate ganache CMC powder or Tylose powder Craft knife Drinking straw, thick Foam...

Pillow cake tutorial

This is a pillow cake for a 50th birthday. The shoe is made of fondant/gumpaste and completely edible. We two-toned the fondant with purple on the bottom and biege on top with white royal accents. 10 inch and 6 inch tiers are of yellow cake...

Taj Mahal cake tutorial

1. Taj Mahal is all about symmetry. Plan the size of the cake you are making and create the templates A and B using a cardboard. 2. Roll the white fondant and Cut 4 * A and 4* B shapes using the template. Let the figure dry. It took me over...

How to make a 3D standing Lorax cake tutorial

So, I’m no expert, I mostly make things up as I go along, but here’s how I made my lorax cake… I hope it helps someone and maybe give you the confidence to have a go at a standing cake if you haven’t yet, as this was my first. I used steel...

Acquamarine Cake Tutorial

Just click on the link below for the full tutorial. I hope you enjoy it :)