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How to make baby carriage and baby for baby shower cake.

Hello every one. I made this video how to make baby carriage because few people ask me to make video how to make it. Thank you for watching.

Beach theme baby shower cake

I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get that topper thats on the beach theme baby shower cake?

baby shower cake. sandals

Almond cake with almond butter cream.

My first baby shower cake

how to make baby shower cake pops biberon baby pasta di zucchero torta

Baby shower cake

Pink Baby Shower Cake

All 3 tiers of this baby shower cake are iced with a smooth buttercream and white pearl boarders. take a look

Chocolate Block

If you want to make smaller blocks. and you want to make them quickly. You can use Ghirardelli chocolate Squares or Lindt chocolate squares.. they come in bags already made…and attache them with some melted chocolate to...

Interview #36: Hazel Wong

1. How or why did you get started in cake decorating… was it by accident or did you always has a passion for it? Cake decorating was totally an accident for me. After graduating from school, I started straight into a media career in an...

Stress Free Cake Transportation

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to transport a cake and thought that your heart just couldn’t take the strain. (raising hand) Raise your hand if you’ve ever transported a cake and mourned the crack that showed up in the frosting. (raising...