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CakesDecor Giveaway 2019 #3: Global Artist Networks Master Series Brushes!

Hi everyone! This months giveaway is the Global Artist Networks Master Series Brushes! They are absolutely gorgeous brushes and the lucky winner will receive: 1 Black micro Liner Brush – size 0 1 White Micro Liner Detail Brush – size...

Easter bunny... the artist (Tutorial)

Here’s an easy to make cute bunny, hope you like it :-)xxx 1 Cover a styrofoam ball with white sugar paste;2 give it the shape of a drop for the body of the rabbit; 3 cut in half a cylinder of white...

An Interview with International Cake Artist Rose de Guzman-Warnick.

*Hello CakesDecor Friends! Thought I would share my interview originally published on my blog * An Interview with International Cake Artist Rose de...

The United Nations of Sugar Artists Cookiers

Top 3 Cake Artist Struggles | How To Price Cakes | Thalias cakes

Click Link Below to learn how to charge for your cakes Correctly! i hope this video is helpful! I would love to hear some feed back!

Artistic Jealousy

Cake Decorating is an art! Let’s face it we all have different ways to create our master pieces.No two art works are the same this is the beauty of art!.Please share your experience with Artistic Jealousy?

Sugar Artists for Autism #4: Sugar Art for Autism! - The Collaboration... #SugarArt4Autism #ArtMeetsAutism #AwarenessIsAcceptance

Sugar Artists for Autism #1: Debuting April 2, 2016.

Sugar Artists for Autism #5: All the pieces

You may find all pictures of this collaboration in this post :)‪ #‎SugarArt4Autism‬ ‪#‎ArtMeetsAutism‬ ‪#‎AwarenessIsAcceptance‬ ‪#‎pepper posh‬

Sugar Artists for Autism #3: Solving the puzzle... April 2! #SugarArt4Autism #CakeMeetsArt #AutismAwareness