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CakesDecor Theme: Animal Cakes

We all have a favourite animal, personally, I have a few but the Giraffe is definitely at the top of my list followed by Owls, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Pandas, Penguins, Eagles….. Okay, I could go on forever, but the truth of the matter is...

How to Decorate and Make Festive Animal Cookies 🐻🦊👶

This past week I created Festive Animal Cookies For a client who wanted seasonal adorable animal cookies for her baby’s first birthday. I choose two of my favorite cookies to make for this week’s tutorial. Both cookies are dimensional piped...

Battle the January Blues with Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies 🦒🐮👶

Anyone affected with the January blues? I have the answer create these Adorable Royal Icing Baby Animal Cookies and it will brighten your heart! They are also are awesome for a first birthday party!

Royal Icing Delightful Animal Cookies 🦉🐻🐙🎠

For this weeks tutorial I am going to show how to use several royal icing techniques to create fun animal cookies of child birthday party or any delightful occasion! Techniques used: -Brush Embroidery -Wet on Wet -Dimensional Pressure...

Decorated Animal Baby Shower Cookies 👶🍼🐨🐸

There seems to be a plethora of baby showers this spring! Decorated Animal Baby Shower Cookies are perfect to serve or give as favors!

Animal rights cake collaboration

Aquí os dejo mi granito de arena para esta fantástica colaboración por los derechos de los animales; organizada por Isabel Tamargo. Mi pieza representa una leona que abraza a su cría en su regazo. He intentado reflejar una expresión de tristeza...

Animal Rights - International Collab

Hi Friends, I made these designer cookies as my contribution to Animal Rights International Collaboration. My special thanks to Isabel who made it happen. Basically I got this inspiration from an internet comic. Hope you all like it. The...

colaboracion animal Rights

Animal from the Muppets Tutorial

Cupcakes by Simply mmmm Cupcakes - Suman Gandhi #4: Jungle Animal Cupcakes