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How to make buttercream peony and poppy and create a flower wreath cake

Learn how to make these buttercream peonies and poppies and create a flower wreath cake.

Coffee Filter Rose

Supplies: coffee filters, wire, green floral tape, alcohol, colour gel, if desired, scissors, white glue, small brush to apply glue, styrofoam square (to place your flower as you work), pencil, circle cutters…small, medium & large. I...

Tutorial-Unwired Anemone

Introduction: This tutorial gives you instructions on how to create the flowers in the centre of my stained glass cake To start with, let’s talk a little bit about this flower. The number of petals ranges from about 5-15, and they are...

One Cutter - Five Flowers Part two Anemone

Love that Patchwork Cutters set – Large Christmas Rose. My way of creating five different flowers with help of that cutter – Poppy, Anemone, Dog Rose, Small Rose and Christmas Rose. Part two of tutorial – Anemone. Next is Christmas Rose.

Poppy Tutorial #1: How to Make a Gum Paste Poppy (using heart shaped cutters)

Sugar Flowers #9: Icelandic Poppy Tutorial SUGAR / COLD PORCELAIN

Hello everyone, hold on there, you wedding cake makers, tomorrow is a day off, a chill day for you finally, it’s just around the corner now :) This one was an experimental flower for me, not particularly main stream, but I wish it was as it’s...

Pink Poppies Buttercream flower cake TUTORIAL

Learn how to pipe different kind of poppies and create Spring inspired buttercream flower wreath cake.

Easy Poppy tutorial

I needed to make poppies last night and came up with this easy way of replicating the poppy badges you wear, but into fondant for cakes. No fancy tools needed. They look great if you make two flowers and layer them too.

Crackle Fantasy Flower

My crackle technique used on this gumpaste fantasy flower in black. It can be made in any color using Poppy paints

Gumpaste Carnations - no special cutters required (with lots of pictures!)

Hi all, By request :) I took photos of every step so I hope this should be clear and detailed enough for beginners like myself to follow (I’ve discovered it’s rather hard to balance a camera in one hand lol). These are some carnations I made...