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How to make Buttercream Harvest Flower Wreath Cake

Learn how to make buttercream roses, pipe berries and create this flower wreath cake.

Piping a Buttercream Rose

Buttercream Roses are sooo beautiful, and they are by far, the most requested Buttercream tutorial that I get asked for! I have a quick and easy Video Tutorial for you (my first ever Youtube Video!), that demonstrates my technique, which is a...

How to make Halloween Buttercream Flower wreath cake.

Learn how to pipe buttercream roses, make chocolate skulls and create this gothic floral wreath cake for Halloween.

CakesDecor Theme: Buttercream Cakes

Hi Everyone! This week’s theme is ‘Buttercream cakes’. These kinds of cakes seem to be growing in popularity, so I thought it would make a great theme. I’ve also loved seeing the recent tutorials of buttercream flowers, which were stunning!...

Buttercream dahlia and rose flower cake tutorial

Learn how to make very trendy buttercream dahlia, roses and blossoms, and create this gorgeous flower cake.

Daffodil Buttercream flower cake

Learn how to pipe Daffodils and Roses and create Spring inspired buttercream flower wreath cake. Coloring page with this cake design on Etsy

A Bite of Buttercream #9: Why I love Buttercream

Spend 5 minutes on any cake page, and you’ll see pages and pages of sharp edged fondant and ganache. So why then, if they are so popular, would I not only choose to work with Buttercream, but shout it from the rooftops? For the full list of...

A Bite of Buttercream #2: Piping Tips 101 (and 102, 103..)

Want to learn how to pipe Buttercream flowers, but just not sure what you need? Join me for Piping Tips 101, and learn how pipe a Buttercream Rose with my free Youtube Tutorial!...

A Bite of Buttercream #6: Flower Arranging - Buttercream Style!

So you’ve piped some really awesome Buttercream flowers. They’re beautiful. The colours are perfect. Now what? Flower arranging in Buttercream is pretty much the same as arranging regular flowers, except of course you get to eat these ones! ...

Pink Roses Buttercream bouquet cake

Learn how to pipe tiny jasmine, roses and buds and assemble a buttercream flower bouquet cake in variety of pink shades.