Reply Advice/tips for grooms cake

Jessica ...

Hi Alecia! Sometimes less is more! I have over complicated cakes and they have turned out not sure great, but that’s cause I too wanted them to be special. This may or may not help but maybe get a edible image of him and the bride or even just him? Did he take any pictures while hiking or anything personal like that, that could be turned into a edible image. If you did that you take care of photography and hiking with minimal work.

Everything else you mentioned sounded great. If you want to make a sculpted camera out of rice Krispy treats (RKT) you can help cover the RKT with Royal icing to fill in the holes and help the piece be smoother and the icing helps keep the fondant sticking to the RKT. I also personally like to cover it with fondant with a little bit of royal underneath the icing, than smooth the fondant using a fondant smoother into the RKT. That way the fondant fills in all the holes and bumps. Let it dry for at least a day and cover with another piece of fondant, let it dry for another day that way you dont dent or smudge the fondant when detailing. If you do the double layer of fondant do remember to cut your RKT a little smaller to make up for the thickness if the fondant. I hope that helped some.