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Smckinney07 ...

If you do freeze, as stated above, place on board, cover entirely in Saran wrap (I like press n seal), sometimes I’ll also place in freezer bag, then wrap in foil. Most importantly, after you’ve pulled out of freezer let cake sit for a while at room temp STILL wrapped, this way any condensation forms on the foil, instead of the cake!

I love these sites, Cakes Decor & Cake Central-however it sounds like your starting your business very quickly congrats! When I first started decorating I joined ‘My Cake School’ dot com (I have no affiliation with them whatsoever) however its one of the best tools you can have, many video and blog tutorials, message boards, and forums like this site. The tip from above I learned from Melissa who runs the school with her mom BeBe-best $30/year I ever spent!!! Good luck

PS: If you ever carve a cake I recommend doing it partially frozen, sometimes I even torte that way (less crumb).