Reply Oh humidity...why do you hate me so?

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Haha!! Oh I love these stories! It feels so god to know I’m not alone and I love the advice you’ve all given. I will have to try all of them. I especially love Calli’s idea of the ice bricks in tea towels for cooling hands, and Kristen the dry ice idea is brilliant! Will have to track some of that down ASAP :) And Superstar, will definitely try the Cream of Tartar idea thanks. Poor Naomi, I hear you!!
Luckily because I have installed an amazing air con unit in the kitchen (sacrificing the bedrooms…the things we do!!) covering cakes with fondant is no longer an issue…but hopefully all these wonderful ideas will solve my decor issues…no more droopy Giant Clam shells gobbling little sleeping babies ;)
Thanks everyone :) x