Reply Food Hygiene IBC vs SBC

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Maria your thermometer probably isn’t off if you are adding cream of tartar as this stabilises the eggwhite but taking it up to 160F/72C is still not to New Zealand standards as it has to be minimum 167F/75C if I said to health inspector that I did it to 160F I would lose by Health Licence, it is very strict here, those few degrees can make all the difference with bacteria especially when you may have a pregnant woman get sick (they may not realise not safe for them) Ali from the Sugar Lab is being safer using pasteurised eggs, these are not available in NZ, but SMBC was never designed to stay out for long periods as 99% of recipes only take to 140F, you are lucky to be able to put in fridge & so brave putting in fridge, I have a big chiller but would get to wet as would get to cold temp sits down on 35F/2C

Ali you are so funny I literally snorted at your issues comment… I’m glad you have recovered :-)…but you are right it is safe to eat egg after it reaches an internal temp of 160F but is it safe to leave out for a couple of hours (NZ law max 2 hours for cooked food)…… thinking is would you leave a cooked chicken which has been cooked up to safe temp then sit it for 3-4 hours on a table (like some wedding cakes sit)…then feed it to a pregnant/old or sick person?…I’m assuming not … My point with the IMBC is that you are starting with a pasteurised meringue that out could leave safely out for a couple of days like a pavlova/meringues which can stay out of the fridge safely for weeks