Reply Is this the right thing to do?

suma1980 ...

Thank you SO SO much for your inputs, I am really at a loss at this thing and I appreciate the inputs.
Ya, I have heard about the free has no value thing as well. I did however get an order in MD, but my husband was not actively spreading the word because one cannot operate from a home kitchen in MD.

No I cannot sell them in markets, TX doesn’t allow that- it has to go straight from my home to the customer. I know there are a LOT of Indians around in this area and they might be willing to help a fellow Indian :D These people might share my cake pictures etc. I don’t have a website or facebook page, as I don’t have much to post in there. So I can take 2-3 months just making cakes, coming up with different flavor combination, brush up my decorating skills etc Basically collect enough stuff to put on the facebook page. Makes sense, no? :)