Reply Cream Cheese Buttercream.......HELP!

Nikki Belleperche ...

I don’t have an exact recipe for my buttercreams, I have made them so much I know how to get the taste and consistency I am looking for without measurements but I have never had a problem with a stiff crusting cream cheese buttercream (American) and I can pipe it as well as use it under fondant covered cakes.

1 8oz cream cheese
2 sticks butter (one salted one unsalted)
1 stick butter flavor crisco
splash of vanilla
and around 1 2lb bag powdered sugar.
(for extra crusting add a little bit of meringue powder)

Cream the first 4 ingredients until smooth then slowly add the powdered sugar until desired consistency and taste are achieved. Scrape down your mixing bowl every once in awhile between adding sugar to make sure you getting it evenly mixed.